About us
In the world of caron box industry inovative ideas that will be used in good organizaton are always needed.
Our company was founded in 2015 year with preview experience working in Switzerland.
We are producing high quality carton boxes for many purposes. The hole process of production is carfuly followed by our proffesionals from the beging till arriving at your company.
On our palet of products we can offer many different ways for packing your products.
Our Priorities
Adapting by the client needs.
Maximum time needed from order to deliviery is from 7 to 10 days.
We are guarantie high quality.
We have production capacity.
Warehouse for keeping stocks.
Location: Industriska zona "Rabrovo no.36
Phone: +(389) 78 988 777
ะต-Mail: info@eurokartonal.mk
Work hours:
Monday - Friday
07:00 - 15:00
Box For Eggs
Crate for Fruits